International Travel

Park Avenue Travel’s international capabilities are available to all clients as part of their client team. Reservation requests are handled promptly because all our agents are well trained in international travel. Confirmation is forwarded to the traveler.

Our international service is enhanced by the following service capabilities:

  • Securing Low Rates – Our international capabilities in combination with internationally trained faring agents work closely with air carriers to help control international travel expenses. Consolidators, ticket brokers and other sources (airline promotional coupons, complimentary upgrades, and alternative routing options, etc.) are considered when planning an itinerary. All possibilities are explored before final ticketing. To ensure best possible pricing we typically request 24 hour processing time if possible and if necessary.
  • Travel Document Services – As a convenience to our travelers, we assist in obtaining visas and passports. Processing time varies by need.
  • Traveler Support – Our toll-free international network puts travelers in touch with a qualified travel planner from anywhere in the world. Through our consortium of affiliates, travelers can confirm, make or change reservations 24 hours a day.

Park Avenue Travel has the capabilities of negotiating rates with rail companies. These rail companies include but are not limited to Amtrak, Via Rail Canada, EuroStar, Thalys, Britrail and other Rail Europe affiliates.

Through our website and our itinerary review tool, Virtually There, Travelers have immediate access to a wide range of destination information including travel alerts and information, currency converter, driving directions, flight tracker, visa and passport information, city information, flight notification, etc.

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