Technology & Information Management

Recognizing that each of our clients has different management styles and goals, Park Avenue Travel is capable of providing its clients with customized management reports that best serve their unique needs. We are able to design the reports that would be most beneficial to you.

The accounting system interfaces with our reservation and ticketing system and captures all itinerary data elements at the time of ticketing. This allows us to produce reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We can supply you with the custom report that meets your auditing needs.

Park Avenue Travel’s accounting and travel management information systems are designed to accommodate your requirements. We will work in conjunction with your accounting department to design reports that meet your needs and save hours of valuable production time. Park Avenue Travel will tailor reports to your needs. This includes automated reconciliation programs for centrally billed airfares by utilizing our fully integrated, interface systems. If the report requested has been previously tailored to to your company’s needs, they can be produced within 24 hours, otherwise custom reports will be forwarded within 72 hours.

We will schedule travel management reviews to discuss your travel activity and make recommendations throughout the year on what can be done to contain travel costs. At the close of each year, we meet with our clients to review the previous year and discuss strategies and events for the upcoming year.

Report data can be provided via email in an PDF format. Excel files can be integrated with other data to create customized reports.

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